Complete Gamer - Life Arts Creates Song For Bob Gibson And The Cardinals 2018 Season

This baseball season the Cardinals will be honoring Bob Gibson, dubbed the greatest pitcher in Cardinals' history. This year is the 50th anniversary of Gibson's incredible 1968 season in which he posted a record major league single season. 

The students of Compositions for L.I.F.E , an innovative therapeutic songwriting program that works with talented urban youth, will write and preform the lyrics of the #CompleteGamer song.  

"Last year my band, The 442s, was commissioned by the St. Louis Symphony to create a children's education concert." says musician Adam Maness. "The concept we came up with was this: I would "remix" the score to Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" to create beats and songs out of his original music and we would employ Brian Owens and the young men and women from Life Arts to write and perform the text."  

"I finished the music by August and we spent several weeks in the fall and winter of 2017 writing and polishing the text," says Maness. "We performed the concert with the St. Louis Symphony and the 442s in late January of this year to an appreciative and enthusiastic audience at Powell Hall."  

 "Around that same time the President of the St. Louis Symphony, Marie-Helene Bernard, introduced Maness to Ron Watermon, the Vice President of Communications of the St. Louis Cardinals." Maness continues, "Watermon wanted to commission a song to honor Cardinal legend, Bob Gibson and asked if we could put a proposal together."  Maness immediately reached out to Brian Owens to see if he and Life Arts would be interested in working on creating the song. "I pitched the Cardinals our idea and they accepted and here we are."  

From there Life Arts students began working on creating their verses for the song using Bob Gibson's 1968 autobiography "From Ghetto to Glory" for inspiration. 

Brian came in one day and said  "Yo, we have this cardinals project." Thomas Mack, L.I.F.E Arts student recalls. 

"I wrote a verse about Bob Gibson as a child, so I start with the line "from ghetto to glory" says Mack. "Reading the book, I found out that growing up Gibson was fatherless, poor and black. I talk about that in my verse as well." 

Daniel Long's verse is about Gibson coming into his career "I wrote all about how good he was at pitching." Whereas Joshua "Paco" Lee takes on all of Gibson's statistics during his career and his ground-breaking feats. "I got in the mindset of speaking like a winner and put that in a verse." says Lee. 

Justice Mack smiles as she says," It's amazing that we’ve been asked to perform for the Cardinals, I mean they're the Cardinals." "It's more pressure" she continues "You have to do very well in every performance, but this is the Cardinals so its extra pressure." 

Brian Owens