L.I.F.E Compositions Songwriting is a one on one mentoring program for junior high students of ages 11-14. Students have one on one sessions with music therapists to compose original songs. Sessions include the use of therapeutic songwriting that focuses on the student's mental and emotional well being.

Brian had the initiative to reach out to junior high students of a local charter school to give them the opportunity and experience to write and professionally record their own song. He  was informed that most of the students attending the school dealt with urban trauma; traumatic experiences due to the state of their environment.

The aspiration of the program is to give the students the opportunity to constructively express themselves through music. The one on one therapeutic songwriting gives them the time, attention, resources and encouragement to accomplish the task. More importantly, it is the overall goal that the students learn more about who they are, feel validated and empowered to be leaders in our world today.


This purpose of this program is to form high school ensembles that uniquely combine different music styles. Voices for LIFE began as a non-auditioned vocal ensemble, Remix Project Ensemble, in June 2015.  Since their debut, they quickly captured the hearts and minds of audiences with an innovative approach to traditional spirituals, infusing various styles including hip hop.  

After being featured on the Life Compositions Vol 1 recording, and two appearances on the Nine Network, founders Duane Foster and Brian Owens began to make plans to audition and formally organize the group.  In March 2016, The Remix Project Ensemble was officially launched.  After only three rehearsals, this talented group of teens debuted at the historic Peabody Opera House for an audience of 3,100 attendees.

TOUR for L.I.F.E

Tour for LIFE is a program where musicians and music students are invited to perform around the country with international recording artist, Brian Owens. Students of this program learn tour etiquette, tour management, merchandising, and the rigor of being a professional artist.  

Through our Tour for LIFE program, students have performed in New York City, Houston, Milwaukee, and Nashville. Our students have also performed for NY’s Paste Magazine and Fox News Extra.