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Darius Williams

Chief Community Engagement Officer

Known to be relational, creative and devoted, Darius Williams joined Life Arts in 2018 with a firm belief in its mission. Since joining, Darius has launched programs, created experiences, built partnerships, cast vision, and mentored students. Each day, as a Ferguson resident, he works with an overwhelming joy to see Life Arts' mission transform his community and its youth.

He believes narratives are central to understanding the human experience. For Darius, this idea has become a core passion and he's garnered deep expertise around "The Art of Storytelling" as it relates to topics such as heritage, race, social class, education, reconciliation, and professional development. Motivated by his Christian faith, he is a proud husband and father, speaker, consultant, educator, creative, and mentor.

Ed.D, University of St. Louis-Missouri (Summer 2022)

M.Ed, University of Notre Dame

BA, Wake Forest University

Email -

Phone - 314.252.8069

Darius Williams: Meet the Team
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